About Armakuni

At Armakuni we believe in a new generation of consultancy; one where we embed attitudes and beliefs over teams and manuals, and where success is measured in value to clients rather than utilisation rates of our people. Working alongside a range of diverse clients, each of whom face unique challenges and definitions of success, creates endless opportunities to learn and further hone our understanding of how Cloud Native technologies can be utilised to offer wider business value.

Founded on the principle of helping companies leverage technology to increase value, the values of learning, development and knowledge-sharing sit right at the heart of Armakuni and our internal approach is no different from that we share with our clients. We're proud to have developed an ever-growing community of passionate, forward thinking technologists sharing ideas and views on a diverse range of subjects

As an organisation we hold regular company-wide retrospectives and demos, allowing us to reflect on and improve what doesn't work, and build and evolve approaches and ideas that do. This constant self-evaluation allows us to keep pace with the ever-changing world in which we all operate.

It's a bold vision, but one which works. If you want to be part of a team who are free to influence, advise and transform rather than sell and deliver, we should talk.

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