Cloud Foundry Engineer

London, England, United Kingdom · Engineering


Armakuni empower our clients to take ideas to production in weeks, not months. Cloud Foundry is a powerful tool, and our Engineers act as change catalysts, enhancing Cloud Native journeys and helping organisations maximise the value of Cloud Foundry.

Best practice. What does this actually mean? What’s “best” for one company doesn’t always work for others, right? Well, not quite. Research has shown that there are certain practices that lead to happier, more productive development teams and environments, and it’s these that we are positively evangelistic about here at Armakuni.

We seamlessly integrate XP and TDD, alongside enterprise-grade, multi-cloud tooling such as Cloud Foundry to power continuous delivery pipelines. This fundamentally improves the way teams interact to build, deploy and run software; accelerating development velocity and reducing feedback cycles.

What we enjoy:

A Cloud Foundry Engineer at Armakuni will typically:

What does good look like?

First and foremost you have a passion for leveraging technology to optimise processes and procedures. With a background in either software development or DevOps/SysAdmin, you are adept at leveraging Cloud Foundry in Platform-as-a-Service and everything-as-code environments, ensuring it is fully utilised to deliver maximum value.

From a technical perspective those who enjoy a successful career as a Cloud Foundry Engineer with Armakuni typically have a selection of the following:

The reward:

As Armakuni continue to expand their presence in the Scottish market, the Principal Consultant will work with the Armakuni Management Team to drive further growth and success. We will give you the opportunity and freedom to help shape how we engage clients and evolve our offering in this new space, alongside:

Of course we also make sure that you are well looked after offering highly competitive salaries plus an ever growing benefits package which currently includes:

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