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Best practice. What does this actually mean? What’s “best” for one company doesn’t always work for others, right? Well, not quite. Research (State of DevOps, DORA, Accelerate etc.) has shown that there are certain practices that lead to happier, more productive development teams and environments, and it’s these that we are positively evangelistic about here at Armakuni.

Dipping into our website, blog-posts, social media or even our Slack channel will show you that technologies such as CI/CD, automated deployment, Platform-as-a-Service and microservice architectures are always at the forefront of our collective minds, as are Lean/XP concepts such as Pair Programming and Test Driven Development. Together, it is these ideas which form our view of Cloud Native, which we like to call The Ak Way.

We don’t just evangelise these ideas and practices to our clients, we’re constantly developing our own capabilities through our Continual Learning programme, knowledge sharing, discussions and meet-ups. The Ak Way develops and evolves just as the increasingly technology-driven world around us does.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our passion for all things Cloud Native spill over to our clients, enabling faster, more efficient development cycles run with less risk and lower costs.

A day in the life:

Based primarily on client-site, Armakuni’s DevOps Consultants embed themselves within client teams, enabling them to share knowledge and implement ideas in a hands-on fashion. Day-to-day practices will typically include:

What does good look like?

Armakuni fully appreciate that not many people are born with an innate ability to evangelise DevOps best practice, and this is why we offer a personalised learning journey to all our staff.

We find that successful DevOps Consultants have typically been either Developers or Sys Admins themselves, but have realised that they now prefer leading and guiding teams in the adoption of new ideas and concepts. Typically their technical skill-set includes several of the following:

The reward:

We offer the chance to be a part of a rapidly evolving technology-driven community; a team of like-minded experts in sharing their knowledge not just with clients but with each other. Perks include:

Of course we also make sure that you are well looked after offering highly competitive salaries plus an ever growing benefits package which currently includes:

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